About Us

There are millions of people out there that just have this desire to craft. There is this spark inside of us that we can’t explain, where we don’t mind how much time it takes or the amount of detail it takes to create, because in that moment when it feels like it’s simple to do, you realize you created a masterpiece. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing what you created, appreciating how amazing it is, (which drives you to do it again!) and then you are just driven to do it again! Then you are driven to do it again!

Papertrey Ink isn’t just about a bunch of products that you buy, it’s literally about embracing the artistic ability within us all. In a world where we have to deal with a bunch of unfun stuff, it’s exhilarating when we get to feel creative and artistic and amazing in these little moments. Papertrey Ink isn’t just about giving you good quality products, it’s about building this amazing toolkit where you could literally create anything for any occasion for anybody at your fingertips. Papertrey Ink isn’t about selling you a product it’s about creating a community of amazing crafters who are all building beautiful things in this world together.

My mom and I may have started this business because we had such a great experience stamping, but it’s grown into something more amazing and life-changing than we could have imagined. You will not only find every possible tool that you need, you will also find your friends, your community and maybe even yourself!

If any of this has resonates with you, then you have found your home and we welcome you with open arms!

Things Julie loves...

  • I love that my mom and I get to work together every day in our business. I could have never dreamed that I would be able to have this kind of a relationship with my mom in this way.
  • I love creating in general, so when I get the time to make cards, I cherish every moment!
  • I love hanging out with my dogs, they make me so happy!
  • I love hanging out in my warehouse, just like a love a good book store, I walk in and I see all the potential. I can envision the thousands of cards that amazing women like you are going to make. There is an infinite number of possible ways to create and to show the people you care about how much you care.
  • I love being in a business where I get to feed people’s creativity.
  • I love reading! I am such an avid reader, however, happy endings are a must!

Things Jane loves...

  • I love that I’m able to work with my child! We have such an amazing relationship. I am one lucky mom!
  • Being able to be part of a business where creativity is the ultimate goal is amazing!

And we both have always treasured our customers. Our customers from 16 years ago to all those that have joined our community in recent weeks. Yes, we know who you are!! THANK YOU!