Beaded Holiday
Beaded Holiday

The third Quick Stitch Kit will be released on September 1st and it is entitled "Beaded Holiday". This kit reminds us of days gone by. When women spent quiet evenings by the fire, doing handwork. A time when handmade was best. The basic holiday stitching shapes in Beaded Holiday can be used for so many different types of projects, everything from keepsake gift tags, to tree ornaments, to holiday garland. Think gift card holders, holiday party favors and more! Erin even has you covered when it comes to decorating your holiday stitching projects. The clever beaded motif dies pre-cut all of your holes so the beading process is a snap and perfectly precise. Get your kit tomorrow night so you can get a head start on holiday projects!


  • Custom tote bag
  • Beaded Holiday: Mitten die collection
  • Beaded Holiday: Stocking die collectionn
  • Beaded Holiday: Star die
  • Beaded Holiday: Motifs die collection
  • Beaded Holiday: Garland die collection
  • Bead storage box, 3" x 5" (ten compartments)
  • 6mm Bugle Beads, Silver
  • 6mm Bugle Beads, White
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Reds
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Chartreuse
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Teal
  • 3mm Seed Beads, Silverl
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Red
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Chartreuse
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Teal
  • 8mm Cupped Sequins, Silver
  • PRICE $105

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