Moments Inked: Everyday Symbols Stamp Set
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Moments Inked: Everyday Symbols Stamp Set

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​​​​​​​Moments Inked: Everyday Symbols Tip Sheet :​
​​​​​Phone- calls to make, calls scheduled to receive​
​Finger tied w/ string- remember, don't forget​
​Book- library books due​
​Car- maintenance, oil change, tire rotation​
​Laundry Basket- laundry day​
​Shopping Cart- any kind of shopping​
​Hanger- dry cleaners​
​Shopping Bag- any kind of shopping​
​Pushpin- remember, don't forget​
​Calculator- pay bill​
​Dollar Sign- payday​
​Download Cloud- download files​
​Paw Print- veterinarian appointment, pet shots​
​Trash Can- trash day, take out trash​
​Scissors & Comb- haircut, stylist appointment​
​Recycle Symbol- recycle day​
​Nail Polish- manicure/pedicure​
​Bra- mammogram, obgyn check up​
​Stethoscope- check-up, doctor's appointment​
​Medicine Bottle- pharmacy refill​
​Tooth- dental appointment​
​Glasses- optometrist appointment, pick up glasses​
​Briefcase- anything work related​
​Hammer- repairs, repairman appointment​
​Bucket of soapy water- clean, wash​
​Duster- dust​
​Vacuum- vacuum floors​
​Envelope- mail, email​
​Paintbrush- paint, painter appointment​
​Bee- exterminator​
​Wheelbarrow- yard work​
​Watering Can- water indoor plants, water garden​
​Wrench- repairs, repairman appointment​



Use the symbols in this set to add quick visual aids to your planner and keep everything organized. There is a little something for all of your everyday tasks. The symbols are sized to tuck nicely into both the monthly and weekly layouts of the Moments Inked planner system. Use the small words to add further emphasis to your symbols.

*This stamp set does not include a CD case.

This set comes on a single 4x6 acetate sheet. The briefcase measure 1/2" x 3/8". The tooth measures 1/4" x 3/8". The recycle symbol measures 1/2" x 1/2". "Dining Room" measures 1" x 1/8". "Email" measures 1/2" x 1/8".

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