Moments Inked: Perpetual Daily Pages - Binder
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Moments Inked: Perpetual Daily Pages - Binder

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Moments Inked: Perpetual Daily Pages - Binder

We are pleased to introduce new Daily Pages! They will be sold in a set of loose pages for the binder, or a spiral bound version of the same number of pages. The spiral bound version will have a heavy black chipboard back cover, just like the planner. Customers can use any of the interchangeable covers on the front of it.

-Neutral Colors These pages are done is shades of black and gray so they can be used in the binder integrated with the months with no worries of color coordination. You could also have a whole separate binder just for daily pages and create your own dividers or dashboards for it. As far as the neutral colors, it's also nice in the spiral bound version that people can add pops of color on their own with stamps, stickers or washi tape.
-Perpetual The pages are perpetual with a calendar block at the top so you can highlight or circle the appropriate month and date. You could even use a small stamp to select the dates. The perpetual aspect also means that if you skip using the daily pages here and there, you won't feel like you are wasting pages. Or maybe you only want to use them on weekdays. Regardless, anything leftover at the end of the year can be used the following year.
-Perforated Corners One additional feature is that the corners of the pages are perforated. Once you have completed a page, you can tear off the corner. This makes it easy to flip the day you are on with ease. The perforation is subtle enough that if you didn't want to tear the corners off, you could totally skip it.

This set of pages is pre-punched for our Moments Inked Binder. It contains 183 double-sided pages (366 total). Printed on high quality linen paper just like our other Moments Inked products.
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