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Creative Card Club

Right now you feel...

•  You wish you had a creative outlet that's fun, easy, and relaxing?
•  You see so many beautiful cards but you don't know how to make them or where to even start?
•  You're creative but you don't know how to design your own cards?
•  You would love to find an activity that's fun to do with friends and family?

Imagine if...

•  You could easily make beautiful cards.
•  You got to feel creative.
•  You could share creating cards and having Card Parties with your friends.
•  We've done all the heavy lifting so you get to do all the fun parts.
•  All of the above is delivered right to your doorstep!

Introducing the Creative Card Club

We believe that creating a beautiful card for someone is one of the best gifts you can give and it makes you feel so creative and so excited and the person receiving it will keep it forever.  We want every single person to have this experience no matter what your level of creativity or skill, and that's why we have created the Creative Card Club.  We deliver it right to your doorstep so the fun and amazing part about creating these wonderful cards is you get to create love and give love and we get to help put this creativity and love out into the world!

What's Included:
•  3 different cards to create + a bonus card to do with a friend.
•  Written instructions as well as video instructions on how to create each card.

How it Works:
1) Join the club.
2) We will mail your 3 cards + bonus card along with instructions on how to assemble them.
3) Create your beautiful cards!
4) Give your cards to someone or keep them for yourself (we won't tell)!