Celebrate with a Bang! Mini Stamp Set
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Celebrate with a Bang! Mini Stamp Set

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Celebrate with a Bang! Tip Sheet

1. Build a colorful sentiment/image focal point for your card.

2. Create a background of graphic fireworks.

3. Build the sentiment a different way - make it less stacked and more linear.

4. Use the sentiment with other images from your collection, perhaps the stars from Stars & Stripes.

5. Use the fireworks to celebrate someone’s accomplishments.

6. Use the images on their own with other words from your collection.

7. Use the tiny stars with the larger stars in Stars & Stripes.

8. Put the sentiment stack in a frame on the front of your card.

9. Use the words to create a background.

10. Emboss the fireworks for a little extra pop!



Celebrate with a Bang! is a new mini sentiment building set. The set includes the words to say Happy 4th of July in pieces along with fireworks and tiny stars to illustrate and expand the sentiment. The fireworks are a graphic representation in steps, with a smaller stamp nesting into a larger one for added color and a star in the middle. You can even build them out bigger using the extra pieces included.

*This stamp set does not include a CD case.

This set comes on a mini 3x4 acetate sheet. The word July is about 1” by a little more than 3/4” and the smallest, of, is 1/4” wide. The largest firework piece is a little over 1 1/4” in diameter and the smallest, about 1/2”. Each size down of the fireworks fits into the size above it for a two color, full firework look.
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