Congrats All Ways Stamp Set
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Congrats All Ways Stamp Set

Price: $24.00
Product ID : 2400

1. The collegiate and stenciled style "Congrats" are perfect for masculine projects, 

especially teens.


2. The "On Your" and "To The New" are separate stamps to allow for flexibility when 

designing either horizontal or vertical cards.


3. Try inking the "Congrats" images with more than one color, the top half with one and 

the bottom half with another. The graduated color effect looks wonderful with large 

sentiments like these.


4. Incorporate the "Congrats" onto a "trimmed" card cover of your card (taking off about 

1/2" or more from the edge) and then add the companion sentiment to the vertical edge of 

the interior to peek out.


5. You could also put just the "Congrats" on the front and the companion image on the 

interior, as if it were an inside and out set.


6. The "Congrats" can serve as a focal point when used in multiples.


7. They will also work to create festive backgrounds!


8. Stamp a few "Congrats", one stacked on top of the other and each in a different color 

for a dramatic effect.


9. If you are looking for a more formal application, don't be afraid to mix and match the 

companion sentiments from this set with full-length "Congratulations" from other sets.


Here is a list of some of the possible sentiment combinations for this set:

1. Congrats on your acceptance

2. Congrats on your retirement

3. Congrats on your promotion

4. Congrats on your new job

5. Congrats on your pregnancy

6. Congrats on your new arrival (s)

7. Congrats on your adoption

8. Congrats on your achievement

9. Congrats on your wedding day

10. Congrats on your engagement

11. Congrats on your new home

12. Congrats... so proud of you

13. Congrats... you did it

14. Congrats to the new driver

15. Congrats to the new parents

16. Congrats to the new couple

17. Congrats to the grad

18. Congrats you passed the test



This unique set is something that has been requested on numerous occasions and will surely fill a void in many stamper's collections! Congrats All Ways provides just what it's name alludes to... a variety of congrats to use in just about every possible way. There are eight large-scaled versions of the word "congrats", each in a different font and style, making the set applicable to ANY type of project. There are also smaller companion sentiments to cover nearly all the possible reasons you would be wishing someone congratulations. This set is versatile enough that it can be paired up with a large number of our previously released sets.

*This stamp set does include a CD case.

This set comes divided between two 4x6 acetate sheets. The largest script "Congrats" measures 2 5/8" x 1 5/8". The small stencil-style "Congrats" measures 2 5/8" x 3/8". The "You Passed The Test" companion sentiment measures 3" x 1/8".


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