The Vault - Background Basics: Text Style II Stamp Set
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The Vault - Background Basics: Text Style II Stamp Set

Price: $30.00
Product ID : 2173

1. The text blocks are easy to layer below one another as you stamp to fill in a

background as large as you wish.


2. Use any of our permanent Palette inks to customize our vintage buttons. The text is

so small it will work well on even the smallest of embellishments.


3. The text also works well on Prima flowers, silk flowers, or even flowers you have die-

cut yourself from fabric.


4. Any type of flat head brad can also be customized with this set.


5. Create a striped text background by inking up every other repetition with the

alternating color.


6. Use a single text bock impression as a border across the cover of a card.



A second edition of the very popular Background Basics: Text Style, the perfect addition to any collection!! This set of three text blocks contains tiny print that serve well as backgrounds and accents to any of your favorite embellishments. Aside from using it on cardstock try stamping fabric flowers or Primas, flat heat brads, buttons and much, much, more.

*This stamp set does include a CD case.

This set comes on a single 4x6-inch acetate sheet. Each text block measures 4.75-inches wide and approximately 1" tall.


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