The Vault - Outlines Alphabet Stamp Set
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The Vault - Outlines Alphabet Stamp Set

Price: $48.00
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1. Stamp a series of letters, forming a short word, with the letters slightly overlapping. 

You can even try coloring the overlapping areas in a different color than the remaining 

portions of the letters.


2. The numbers in this set are a great size to use as focal points on a birthday card that 

is age appropriate.


3. Use your favorite coloring method in the interiors of these letters. Copic markers 

especially add some pop! 


4. Adding a touch of a T1 Copic Marker under each letter really helps to set them off and 

add some visual dimension.


5. Place several letters on a single block and stamp repeatedly to create a background.


6. Use a 2-way glue pen to apply adhesive to the interior of a stamped letter then sprinkle 

with Prisma Glitter. The sparkling result is pure eye candy!


7. When forming a word, place all of the letters on a block at once. It makes it easier to 

stamp, especially if you're mass-producing!


8. Try reverse coloring. Stamp your letters and color all of the area AROUND the letters, 

leaving the interior of the letters the natural cardstock color.


9. These letters look FABULOUS when heat embossed with our Filigree Embossing 




This versatile alphabet will allow you all kinds of design possibilities! It's perfectly scaled so that a single letter or number can serve as a focal point, but it is also small enough to be used for short words or phrases to adorn your card covers.

*This stamp set does include a CD case.

This set comes divided between two 4x6 acetate sheets. Each of the letters average around 3/4"-1" tall and 1/2"-5/8" wide.


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